Latest Proceedings: 2017 Edited Proceedings: Vol. 1, 2017
Total Submission: 68    Accepted: 72.1%    Rejected: 27.9%
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  1. A Sensitive Survey Model for HIV Seroprevalence Research
    A. Usman; M. Baba; S. A. Damisa
  2. A Note On The Transmuted Weibull-Rayleigh Distribution
    A. Yahaya; T. G. Ieren
  3. A Note On The Transmuted Weibull-Rayleigh Distribution
    A. Yahaya; T. G. Ieren
  4. Fitting of Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average to the Nigerian Stock Exchange Trading Activities
    N. O. Adeboye; I. Fagoyinbo
  5. Specification of GARCH Model In The Presence of Asymmetric Innovations
    O. I. Shittu; O. E. Adeniji; K. A. Adepoju
  6. Some Inferences on Odd Generalized Exponential-Rayleigh Distribution
    A. Yahaya; N. Umar
  7. Transmuted Kumaraswamy-Inverse Exponential Distribution and its Properties
    A. Yahaya; A. S. Mohammed
  8. On Economic Data Reconciliation Using Some Benchmarking Models
    I. O. Ajao; F. J. Ayoola; J. O. Iyaniwura
  9. A modified Statistical Estimation Algorithm for Partially Observed Diffusion Epidemic Models
    A. H. Aliu; A. A. Abiodun; R. A. Ipinyomi
  10. Modeling Structural Relationships of Exchange Rates of Naira to Some Foreign Currencies
    M. K. Garba; W. B. Yahya; H. T. Babaita; A. W. Banjoko; A. Q. Amobi
  11. On the Development of Robust Distributed Lag Model With Non-Normal Error Term
    O. O. Olufolabo; O. I. Shittu; K. A. Adepoju
  12. Measuring Deviance Goodness–of-Fit For Poisson Regression Model With Application To Count Data In Medicine
    I. O. Ajao; A. A. Ogunde
  13. Bayesian Change-Point Modelling of Rainfall Distributions In Nigeria
    W. B. Yahya; K. O. Obisesan; T. M. Adegoke
  14. The Generalized Beta Modified Weighted Exponential Distribution: Theory and Application
    N. I. Badmus; A. A.Olufolabo; T. A. Bamiduro
  15. Performance Evaluation of Some Estimators of Linear Models with Multicollinearity and Non–Gaussian Error
    W. B. Yahya; M. K. Garba; A. G. Ajayi; K. A. Dauda; O. R. Olaniran; N. F. Gatta
  16. Development of New Information Criterion for Model Order Determination In Time Series Modeling
    O. I. Shittu; E. A. Adeyemo; O. S. Yaya; F. J. Ayoola; T. I. Shittu
  17. Ratio and Product Estimators: New Strategies with Unknown Weight for finite Population
    A. Audu; O. O. Ishaq; T. O. James
  18. On The Estimation of Households Characteristics Using Two-Stage Sampling Scheme
    O. A. Ayansola; E. O. Ogunjobi; J. T. Olajide
  19. Theoritical Analysis of Odd Generalized Exponential-Inverse Exponential Distribution
    A.Yahaya; B. Abba
  20. On The Comparison of Some Link Functions in Binary Response Analysis
    S. A. Damisa; F. Musa; S. Sani
  21. Modeling Impact of Interest Rate On Currency In Circulation In Nigeria
    G. I. Onwuka; A. W. Babayemi
  22. Multiclass Feature Selection and Cancer Tumour Classification With Support Vector Machine
    A. W. Banjoko; W. B. Yahya; M. K. Garba; O. R. Olaniran; L. B. Amusa; N. F. Gatta; K. A. Dauda; K. O. Olorede
  23. On The Optimum Estimator of Some Modified Ratio and Product Estimators
    U. K. Abdullahi; A. Yahaya
  24. Evaluation of The Most Appropriate Trend Models In Forecasting Some KRPC Products
    I. O. Olatunji; A. A. Adepoju; A. Ahmed; S. A. Abdulmuaymin; J. Tolulope
  25. Application of Non-Parametric Methods to Local Paddy Rice Yield in Funtua Senatorial District of Katsina State, Nigeria
    K. Abdulkarim; J. Y. Kajuru
  26. Estimation of Dynamic Panel Data Models with Autocorrelated Disturbance Term: GMM Approach
    J. T. Olajide; O. A. Ayansola; I. F. Oyenuga
  27. Seemingly Unrelated Regression (SUR) Modeling of Productions and Sales of Carbonated Soft Drinks In Nigeria
    W. B. Yahya; S. O. Awoyemi; O. R. Olaniran
  28. Analysis of Sales Data for Decision Making Using Association Rules
    O. O. Oladimeji; O. O. Catherine; G. Mutiu
  29. Developing a Javelin Throw as a Computer Experiment Using Orthogonal Array Latin Hypercube Design
    K. A. Osuolale; W. B. Yahya
  30. Application of Logistic Regression Modelling Using Fractional Polynomials of Grouped Continuous Covariates
    M. U. Muhammad; O. E. Asiribo; M. N. Sohail
  31. Artificial Neural Networks Techniques For Competing Risk Modelling in Double-Blinded Randomized Clinical Trial
    K. A. Dauda; W. B. Yahya
  32. Application of Bootstrap Data Generating Processes on Nigerian Capital Market Data
    C. K. Acha; I. A. Acha
  33. Pharmacokinetics Modelling using Frequentist and Bayesian Non-Linear Mixed Effects Models: A Simulation Study
    I. A. Adeniyi; W. B. Yahya; C. P. Ezenweke
  34. Effect of Statistical Process Control For Monitoring Seeds Production: A Case Study
    H. G. Dikko; H. Muhammad
  35. A Note on Generalized Weibull-Rayleigh Distribution With Its Applications
    A. Yahaya; A. A. Yohanna
  36. On the Approximation of Pareto Distribution to Exponential Distribution Using the Gini Coefficient of Inequality
    W. B. Yahya; M. K. Garba; L. Amidu; K. O. Olorede; N. F. Gatta; L. B. Amusa
  37. An Investigation of Parametric and Nonparametric Bootstrap Data Generating Processes
    C. K. Acha
  38. Modelling Dollar-Naira Exchange Rate In Nigeria
    I. O. Ajao; O. S. Obafemi; F. A. Bolarinwa
  39. Intercensal Prediction of Nigeria Population Based on Growth Models with Hyperbolic Restrictions
    S. O. Oyamakin; O. D. Osanyintupin
  40. Effects of Outliers and Multicollinearity on Some Estimators of Linear Regression Model
    S. A. Ibrahim; W. B. Yahya
  41. A Study on Weibull-Burr XII Distribution and its Properties
    A. Yahaya; M. Sa’ad
  42. Modified State Space Modelling with Nonlinear State Equation
    R. A. Yemitan; O. I. Shittu
  43. Modelling Conditional Volatility and Mean Reversion in Nigerian Stock Market using Symmetric and Asymmetric GARCH Models
    M. A. Chiawa; D. A. Kuhe
  44. Partial Least Squares-Based Classification and Selection of Predictive Variables of Crime against Properties in Nigeria
    K. O. Olorede; W. B. Yahya; A. O. Garuba; A. W. Banjoko; K. A. Dauda
  45. Discriminant Analysis on Factors That Determine The Type of Women Hairstyles
    S. Jabaru; T. Salami; K. Jimoh
  46. Stability Analysis of Some Fixed Point Iterative Procedures
    K. Rauf; D. J. Raji; B. Y. Aiyetan; O. R. Zubair
  47. Factorial Analysis of the Effect of NPK Fertilizer: An Application to the Yield of White Yam
    O. P. Popoola; M. A. Afolabi
  48. Bayesian Probabilities and Odds Ratio Analysis
    M. E. Nja; G. M. E. Nja
  49. A Comparison of Powers of Some Tests for Heteroscedasticity in Non-Linear Models
    I. F. Oyenuga; B. A. Oyejola
  50. Neural Network Regression for Modelling the Effects of Selected Soil Physico-Chemical Properties on Adsorption
    C. G. Udomboso; N. Nzelu; B. I. Olu-Owolabi