About PSSN



The Professional Statisticians Society of Nigeria (PSSN), formerly the Nigeria Statistical Society (NSS) is the society of Statistics pressionals in Nigeria with the major goal of promoting ethical statistical practices, research and its applications in Nigeria.  

The PSSN was formally inuagurated under her former name: Nigeria Statistical Society (NSS) on August 12, 2016 at University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria with members from across the Universities, Polytecnics and Colleges of Educations in attendance.

The Professional Statisticians Society of Nigeria (PSSN) is duely registered with Coporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria.


The Membership of the Professional Statisticians Society of Nigeria includes Academics, Researchers, Professionals and Students from Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Educations, Colleges of Technologies, Research Institutes and Government Agencies who possess a minimum of First degree (B.Sc., B.Sc.Ed., BA, B.Tech., B.Eng., etc.) or its equivalent (HND, Higher Diploma, etc.) in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Medical and Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, and the like from recognized universities, polytechnics or their equivalents all over the world.


Aim & Objectives

The aim of the Professional Statisticians Society of Nigeria (PSSN), formerly the Nigeria Statistical Society (NSS) is to ‘Promote Statistical Research and Its Applications in Nigeria’.

The objectives of the society are to:

1. Organize workshops, trainings on theories & applications of some novel statistical research topics.

2. Organize annual conferences where experts in various areas of statistical research would be brought together to discuss the new trends in research.

3. To publish reviewed papers presented at the society's conferences in edited (peer-reviewed)    conference proceedings for the benefit of the nation and research. 

4. Organize carrier talks for young academics on the new trends in statistical research and provide guide on how their research works, including those targeted towards earning higher degrees, can attract both local and external funding.

5. Establish functional peer-review society’s statistical journal in which high-impact research works can be published.

6. Cooperate/affiliate with similar bodies both locally and internationally to organize symposium/workshops/conferences on topical research problems that would have positive impacts on Nigeria nation.

7. Advance statistical knowledge through collaboration and supporting research activities in all possible forms.

8. Disseminate statistical research findings as widely as possible for the benefit of decision-makers, policy advisers, funders and the users of statistics.

9. Support statistical education in schools, colleges and universities, and encourage the public and young people to appreciate and engage in good statistical practices.


The mission of PSSN is to be a society that contributes to the development of the nation through advanced statistical research that benefits the decision makers, policy advisers, industrialists and the investors.


The vission of PSSN is to promote and advance statistical research and its application through conferences and workshop, publication of statistical journals, and disseminating the research results to meet the government, industry and societal needs.